CnsPPT Injection Molding Division

CnsPPT (Center for nano-structured Polymer Processing Technology) is the first and the biggest nation-leading institute aiming to promote polymer processing technology in Korea. This young and dynamic center was newly founded in 2012 after continuous and audacious effort of numerous professionals from all over the nation. CnsPPT’s primary concern is to foster medium-small sized enterprises engaged in plastics processing business by helping them with their immediate technical issues. Also, CnsPPT is focused on creating novel technologies by sharing resources of participating organizations, leveraging ideas and establishing vibrant, innovative environment.

CnsPPT; Center for Nano-structured Polymer Processing Technology

Injection Molding Division

We are performing the Injection Molding Division of CnsPPT, granted from The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. The objective of this project is development of advanced injection molding process.