1.2. Process monitoring and optimization

■ Injection Molding Process Monitoring

The objective of this research is to observe the physical phenomena in the molds for improving quality of injection molded parts and production efficiency. We are using various commercial sensors and fabricate new type sensors.

1. Process Monitoring using Cavity Pressure and Temperature sensors

- Process defects detection

- Real-time measurement of filling imbalance

- Process stability monitoring

2. Plastication process monitoring

- Melt temperature monitoring and melt uniformity valuation

3. Development new type sensors

- Flash(Burr) occurrence detection sensors

- Burn mark and Air vent clogging monitoring sensors

- Ejector pin type cavity temperature sensors

- Cavity pressure monitoring system for optical lens mold without surface mark

- Melt temperature sensors

■ Injection Molding Process Optimization

To reduce defects of injection molded parts and improve production efficiency. Numerical simulations and molding experiements are conducted.

1. Automated Design of Conformal Cooling Channel

2. Improving Inner Surface Quality of WAIM(Water Assisted Injection Mold) Parts

3. Improving Optical Quality of Multi Layer Injection Molding

4. Optimization of Thermal Design of Injection Mold